Welcome to Wyoming Rising

We are a non-partisan community of Wyoming citizens working to protect our democratic form of government.


To advocate for civil liberties, quality public education, affordable health care, protection of the environment, and participation in government.

In keeping with this purpose, we provide information on issues of concern to our members.

We strive to:
• Inspire individual and collective action in support of democratic ideals and principles •
• Advocate for community involvement in local, state, and national issues •

• Promote civility in politics •
• Promote equity, education, and good governance •


  • Park County Land Use Plan!

    ACTION ALERT from the Wyoming Outdoor Council After nearly two years of work, Park County is on the cusp of adopting a new Land Use Plan. Since the previous version’s adoption in 1998, development pressures in Park County have grown substantially and show no signs of slowing. The new plan aims to guide land use in ways that protect the things that matter to Park…

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  • Cody Deep Canvassing Action

    We are excited to tell you about our fall campaign: Deep Canvassing in our community ! On Sept 24 we will hold an educational session to build canvassing skills, Come learn what canvassing is and what it can teach us. 2-4 pm Sunday September 24 Christ Episcopal Church 825 Simpson Avenue, Cody, WY Deep canvassing is talking with people in your community, in person, to…

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  • Why we support nonpartisan primaries.

    Wyoming has a closed primary system – which means that in order to vote in a primary election, you must be registered with a political party. Wyoming Rising knows that this system limits participation in our elections because most Wyoming candidates run as Republicans; people who are independent and those who are registered in other parties have few options in the State’s primary election.  For…

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Our billboard campaign brings positive messages to our community.

Since 2019 we have sponsored several billboards in Park County, with messages of respect and inclusion. If you would like to help us continue with this project, please consider a donation to support our work.