• Wyoming authorizes ESA vouchers, undermining public schools.

    The Wyoming legislature passed and Governor Gordon signed HB166 which establishes Education Savings Accounts (ESA) beginning next fall. This new law authorizes the use of  your taxes to pay families to send their children to private schools, and be taught by “educational providers”, who are not required to be trained and licensed teachers. It’s a good chunk of money per child, which is an incentive…

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  • We Are Park County Proud

    Having pride in your community means feeling a sense of ownership, responsibility, and connection to the place where you live. It involves actively contributing to the well-being of the community, supporting our public institutions, and working to make this a better place for everyone. It has become painfully obvious that Park County Representative Rachel Rodriguez-Williams and Park County Senator Tim French do not share these…

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  • Wyoming Freedom Caucus kills 1/3 of committee bills upon introduction.

    In the first days of this legislative session, the Freedom Caucus has “killed” several committee-sponsored bills that would have improved the lives of Wyoming citizens. Committee bills are drafted during offseason meetings, where they get extra attention and deliberation by lawmakers, state agencies, and the public. That process requires a thoughtful approach, time, and money, and in return those bills are traditionally prioritized during the…

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Our billboard campaign brings positive messages to our community.

Since 2019 we have sponsored several billboards in Park County, with messages of respect and inclusion. If you would like to help us continue with this project, please consider a donation to support our work.