Wyoming Sage Bundles Project

Thank you donating to our “Sage Bundles” project.

We are a small group of volunteers from Northwest Wyoming who want to send a good spirit out to our friends across America.  We are offering smudging bundles  to use in cleansing your body and mind to restore our collective spirit.

The local wild Wyoming sage will be collected in a respectful way – we will not harvest any protected sage species, and we are not collecting very much from any single area. This is a small project and the number of sage bundles available is limited.

Your $4 donation will be used to pay for the package and postage. If there is any money left over from the cost of shipping, it will help fund future Wyoming Rising projects. Request your bundle by clicking the link here. You must provide your mailing address but we will not use it other than to address your envelope. One bundle per address please. Sage bundles should be ready to mail by August 7 and we will end this project on August 15, 2021.

Wyoming Sage BundlesOrder your sage bundle here

What is smudging and how to smudge:


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