The 2022 Wyoming Legislative Budget Session

Budget Session Begins February 14.

In even numbered years, the Legislature convenes in a Budget Session beginning on the second Monday of February, which typically lasts 20 legislative days. The 2022 Wyoming budget session convenes on February 14. February 18 is the last day for bills to be introduced. March 8, 9, and 10 will be the final readings (and votes) on bills. This gives constituents a two-week window to familiarize themselves with all the introduced bills. Except for the budget bill, all other bills require a two-thirds vote from the Senate or House for introduction during a Budget Session.

Wyoming Rising wants to help you effectively engage with the legislative session. We’ll track a handful of bills and let you know when and how to contact your legislators. To receive our Action Alerts, subscribe to our mailing list.

Not all bills will make it out of their house of origin. The best time to contact your legislator is early in the process, before final votes.

There are already many proposed bills on the docket. Learn more about the bills, the process, and how to participate:


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