Are The Bad People Really Winning?

An essay by John Pavlovitz
February 9, 2023

”Take heart, dear friend.

It is not that good people are gone, it is just that too many of them have gone silent.

They, like you have watched this tragic chapter unfolding and increasingly feel they are powerless to do anything. Like you, they feel alone and hopeless and outnumbered, a product of sustained urgency and incessant threat. They too, are holding their breath and covering their eyes and waiting for the good people to show up and twist the plot.

Stop waiting already.

You are the good people.

You are the one who can step from the shadows and tell the darkness that it has had the run of the house for long enough; who can send the brilliant floodlight of hope streaming into the shadowed places from where it had been vanquished.

It is only a matter of opening your mouth and releasing the truest of your truth without fear or hesitation or decorum. It is in you moving from looking for hope on the horizon and to finding it in the mirror.”

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