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Add your voice to the national chorus that is calling for the preservation of our Country. Join your neighbors in December and January for two Park County events organized by Wyoming Rising. December 14 we are holding light-hearted postcard parties in Powell and Cody. We will gather at Gestalt and…

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#WyoSayNo is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to stopping the proposed Uinta County Immigration Prison. They are asking for your help in their fight to stop the proposed immigration prison in Evanston.  VISIT THEIR CALLS TO ACTION PAGE TO: Sign their Petition Email the Board of CoreCivic…

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Public Comment Deadline 11/9/2019. In August the BLM announced their 4th Quarter December Lease Sale. Surprisingly, a large chunk of these parcels up for sale are located in the Absaroka Beartooth Front, particularly in rural populated areas that will have adverse effects on human health and safety; water for people, agriculture, and wildlife; wildlife movement and habitat that correlate…

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