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Action Alert: Health Care Affects All Of Us

TIME TO MAKE THE CALLS Take a moment today to confront your Senators (202-224-3121) with the truth. The truth is that health care is a life and death issue demanding the highest level of attention, hard work, and empathy. Call your Republican senators, after reminding them of that, ask the…

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Status of the American Health Care Act: June 2017

On May 4th the House passed a health care bill by 4 votes to repeal/replace major parts of the ACA. Every Democrat and 20 Republicans voted NO, while 217 Republicans voted YES. By voting YES, Wyoming Representative Cheney demonstrated a disregard for the health of the people of Wyoming. The…

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The GOP withdraws their attempt to replace Obamacare

From The New York Times— House Republican leaders, facing a revolt among conservatives and moderates in their ranks, pulled legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act from consideration on the House floor Friday afternoon in a humiliating defeat for President Trump on the first legislative showdown of his presidency. Read…

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Our grapevine is working. Tammy Hooper, a staff person in Liz Cheney’s Cheyenne office (307-772-2595), had a call from Rep. Cheney this morning. Cheney is still reading the ACA repeal bill as is her Legislative Analyst Sarah Meier (  202-225-2311).  Once this is accomplished, Cheney will release a statement or comment…

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The GOP’s healthcare plan

You need to understand Trumpcare fully because many of you are going to get hurt, some badly. As many as 15 million Americans will lose their current health insurance. Little wonder why the GOP is pushing this through without hearings and without a Congressional Budget Office review. Please call the delegation…

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