Tell lawmakers to “Buck Up” for Wyoming public schools

Folks: The Wyoming State Legislature’s “Special Committee on School Finance Recalibration” is asking for comments from citizens about public education funding. Wyoming public schools face a roughly $250 million annual budget shortfall due to decreases in mineral tax revenues. This is after the State Legislature cut $55 million from the…

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Take action this August

August recess is officially upon us, and you can make your voice heard while our members of Congress (MoCs) are back home. This is a chance yet to hold your MoCs to account and affect the decisions they’ll make and the votes they’ll cast when they head back to Washington…

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Status of the American Health Care Act: June 2017

On May 4th the House passed a health care bill by 4 votes to repeal/replace major parts of the ACA. Every Democrat and 20 Republicans voted NO, while 217 Republicans voted YES. By voting YES, Wyoming Representative Cheney demonstrated a disregard for the health of the people of Wyoming. The…

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Contact Your Representatives

Wyoming Legislature Wyoming has 37 Senators and 79 Representatives. In the 2017 General Session, 465 bills have been introduced for consideration. Read the bills, find the committees who are sponsoring them, and find out who represents you in Cheyenne at The Online Home of the Wyoming Legislature. Another good website…

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