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The Covid Vaccine Imperative

By Ronn Smith, Wyoming Rising, September 30, 2021 On September 18th of this year, protesters gathered in Cody to express their outrage at COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Among them were State Representatives Dan Laursen and Rachael Rodriguez-Williams, and State Senator Tim French. Ostensibly the protest was about personal freedom and the rejection of government controls, not the merits of getting vaccinated. If so, then why not…

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Cody: The Family Friendly Town?

The Wyoming Office of Tourism and Park County Travel Council promote Cody as a prime travel destination in Wyoming. They tout Cody as a family friendly town welcoming to all visitors. Tourism is the second biggest industry in Wyoming. Many Cody businesses and jobs depend on maintaining this welcoming atmosphere. This vision of Cody and the resulting tourist economy is sorely jeopardized by the vendor…

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Pat StuartGuest Editorial. Thinking about Wyoming’s sovereign wealth and the legislators discussing raising taxes, maybe we need to look at our situation from a drastically different perspective … like, dah … maybe putting the money we already have to work? Here’s a column from the Powell Tribune of 30 January 2019 titled “WHAT BANG FOR THE BUCK” Here’s a stunning bit of not so trivial…

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