Committee Membership

Wyoming Rising–Northwest is a non-partisan group of citizens engaged in civic dialog and action. We have formed a number of committees in an effort to focus our efforts. If you want to join a committee, contact the chair or leave a comment below.

Committees and chairs are:

  • Steering- Harriet Bloom-Wilson and Renée Tafoya
  • Healthcare – Linda Waggoner and Cathy Blanchard
  • Education – Karel Pasek
  • Civil Liberties – Mary Ellen Ibarra-Robinson
  • Environment – Mary Keller
  • Community Outreach – Buzzy Hassrick

The role of Committees in Wyoming Rising–Northwest:

  •  Committees act as an advocacy group, staying abreast of the issues relevant to the committee.
  • Committees may compile and prioritize issues and plan actions on those issues ( letters, visits, protests, calls, etc. ).
  • Alerts and recommended actions should be sent to the Steering Committee so we can assist and publicize your actions. the Steering Committee will use their connections to spread your concern to the widest audience.
  • The Steering Committee role is to help members find the resources they need to stay committed to resistance and advocacy. The Steering Committee are facilitators and organizers of Wyoming Rising–Northwest.

Action begins with the Committees.

We highly recommend that you stay in constant communication with others in your committee and with the steering committee. We need to hear from each other frequently because national and state legislatures are moving quickly. If this is going to work we all need to be advocates RIGHT NOW.

organizationalchartThank you SO MUCH for standing with us.
We can do this.

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  1. Harriet Bloom-Wilson | March 3, 2017 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    Renee, I believe Public Policy reverted to its original name, Government Watch.

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