Our Key Issues

Kyle Jacobs and Daniel Demming introduce the Model UN program to Wyoming Rising members at recent WRN Open Meeting.

Generating Action Plans.

During the Open Meeting on September 10, committees of  Wyoming Rising–Northwest members met to identify key issues that they each felt were most critical this autumn. Below is the list.

In anticipation of the next Open Meeting, on Oct. 22, we ask you to consider which ONE of the issues within your group would best lead to an ACTION item. If your group, can’t meet until the Open Meeting, there will be a break-out session for discussion; however, give it some prior thought and research.

All of these issues are important but we need to translate them into ACTIONS in order to make a difference!

Key Issues for Wyoming Rising Northwest members

Community Outreach Committee

  1. Create opportunities for diverse viewpoints to come together and share ideas.
  2. Organize listening sessions for a variety of constituencies in different communities to identify most pressing issues.
  3. Enlist community leaders to propose solutions to problems raised.
  4. Cooperate with other WRN committees and interest groups to promote their priorities.

Environment Committee

  1. Support Wyoming Public Lands Initiative
  2. Protect Water Quality in Wyoming
  3. Support Professional Science
  4. Remove land transfer language from State legislation

Going Forward Committee

  1. Public Lands – keep them public
  2. Discuss Guns in Schools
  3. Support Public Education Funding

Education Committee

  1. Discuss Guns in Schools
  2. Federal Budget
  3. Vouchers/Charter schools
  4. Indian Education

Civil Liberties Committee

  1. Support DACA program
  2. Discuss Gun Control
  3. Support LGBTQ communities
  4. Support the proposed 28th Amendment against Citizens United
  5. Protect Freedom of the Press

Health Committee will focus their issues at the October meeting.

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