2018 Women & Allies March A Great Success!

We came together, over 300 strong, to make our voices heard again in Cody, Wyoming! Thank you to all the volunteers for overseeing the many aspects of pulling together today’s Women and Allies March, to the outstanding lineup of speakers who roused and inspired us, to the table people who gave us much to think about and act upon, to the coffee and refreshment providers, to our consistently excellent musician, to the participants of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, some of whom traveled far to be here, and to Wyoming Rising, an organization with many helping hands that’s clearly finding a way to make a positive difference in Park County. Ever onward!!!

Women and Allies March

Thank you to our speakers:

  • Matt Hall, Cody Mayor
  • Dakota Russell, Heart Mountain Interpretive Center
  • Sabrina King, ACLU Cheyenne WY
  • Mary Keller, the 28th Amendment: Overturn the Citizens United Decision
  • Noel Two-Leggins, Executive Secretary to the Crow Tribal Council
  • Geoff Baumann, Science is Real
  • Shirley Stephens & Niki Tisthammer, Guns in Schools: District Policy CKA
  • Dr. Valerie Lengfeld, Healthcare
  • Christine Garceau, 1st Amendment

Participants and organizers:

  • Garrett Randolph, music
  • Wyoming Promise
  • Mountain Spirit Habitat for Humanity
  • Northwest Wyoming Family Planning
  • Cody Coffee Roasters
  • The Beta
  • Pat Stewart, Voter Information
  • Linda Waggoner, Medic
  • Mike Specht, Chairman, Park County Democratic Party
  • Mary Ellen Ibarra-Robinson and Mary Baumann, facilitators
  • Harriet Bloom-Wilson, Renee Tafoya, Cindy Childs, Shirley Stephens: the Wyoming Rising-Northwest Steering Committee


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