Earth Day Recap

Mother Earth gave us a perfect day to celebrate

The weather was beautiful, the crowd was happy, and the speeches were inspiring. Thanks to Lucille Sax, Dan White, Geoff Baumann, Larry Todd, and Mary Keller for speaking. The march organizer was Phyllis Rosenberry. Music by Garret Randolph. Lots of help from attendees in setup and takedown. At the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Nina and Larry Parker hosted an exhibit about climate change impacts in Wyoming.

Below is the speech given by Geoff Baumann, reproduced with his permission.

Guest Editorial

April 21, 2018, March for Science
Geoff Baumann

We are here on this lovely spring day, visiting, listening, and showing support for what we believe in. We are here because we are concerned about political and environmental issues facing our country.
There are two points I would like to make;


Today the environment is much cleaner than it was 47 years ago when the Environmental Protection Agency was created. Unfortunately, decisions are being made right now that are returning us to sickening levels of pollution that will affect future generations for hundreds of years. E.P.A’s director Scott Pruitt’s agenda fouls the air, poisons water and cripples landscapes so that big business can make more money. Is this what it means to be human?
We who have conquered disease, appreciate beauty and discovered how stars shine are allowing our nest to be embalmed in petroleum waste. They are sending us to hell in a gasoline suit.
No matter how we leave it, the Earth will continue. Rats and roaches will be fine. While disasters of our own making are falling on us; We are in human caused climate change, shortsighted development, nonsense wars, insensitivity to immigrants and others, the national debt is skyrocketing, while the gap between rich and poor gets wider and wider. These are the seeds of dark ages.

Point # 2;

Do something about it!
Show the greedy powers that “we are as mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.” Showing up today is good, but it is not enough. As we demonstrate our support for the Science March and take part in the Earth Day celebration at the Center of the West, remember, We can do more. “Science is not silent.” nor are we.
Demonstrate your concern by;

  • Calling and writing your representatives, county, state and national. Research, listen, learn and speak in mannerly ways. It is difficult to change people’s opinions but they will change their actions.
  • Bring your reusable bags to the grocery store. Every piece of plastic ever manufactured is still with us. It is present from mountain tops to ocean bottoms, choking wild life and disrupting natural systems as its sheer mass grows enormously . The average American uses 3.5 plastic bags per day. In Germany and Kenya they don’t use any. Seattle has banned plastic straws and Great Britain is considering banning straws, single use plastic cups and stir sticks. Do your part to minimize plastic. Recycling helps but only delays the inevitable. When you get coffee, have them fill your nice insulated cup.
  • Don’t buy bottled water. Park County’s tap water is among the cleanest in the world. Fill your water bottle.
  • A majority of our car trips are 2 miles or less. There is no need to start an engine for that, walk or ride your bike. Enjoy the quiet sights and slow opportunities in your neighborhood.
  • Plant a garden and raise flowers to support pollinators.
  • How often do we really need to go to Billings? Or travel far to recreate when we have some of the most beautiful country right here?
  • Be aware of your electricity use. Look around, where is going to waste?
  • Become a direct advocate for positive change every day.

#1, We’ve got problems, #2, lets do something about it.

As Jane Goodall made clear in her book, Reason for Hope, if we all did the right thing the world would change overnight.

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