8th Annual Return to Foretop’s Father

8th Annual Pipe Ceremony at the Tree Line Kiosk on the Heart Mountain Nature Conservancy Ranch.

On Thursday June 14 from 5:30 to 8:00, Join Crow dancers for a dinner, and seminar at 2020 Lane 13H near Powell, Wy.

On Friday from 8:30 to 3:00 join in a day hike to Heart Mountain. Join others at the Nature Convervancy’s Heart Mountain Ranch at 1357 Road 22 near Powell, Wy. Car pool from there to the trailhead, and then begin the hike to the tree line kiosk for the 11:30-12ish Lunch and Pipe Ceremony. Those wishing to summit will carry on after lunch, with all participants heading down from the peak by 2 pm. This is a supported hike, with some backup water and safety personnel involved. All hikers should have proper, covered hiking footwear, adequate food for three hours of rigorous uphill and 1.5 hours descent. Sun hats and sun screen, bug spray, and bear spray if you have it available. The lower part of the mountain is quite exposed to sun, and the upper part of the mountain has good shade with hungry mosquitoes. Have rain and wind gear.

Sponsored by the Wyoming Interfaith, Network, The Christ Episcopal Church, Big Quiet Camping, and the Nature Conservancy.



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