Voting Information and Advice

Regarding the Wyoming August Primary and November General Election:

The Wyoming Secretary of State Office ( has answers to all questions and/or concerns about voting registration, absentee voting, polling places, changing of political affiliation, etc.

The WY Primary Election allows for only voting along party lines. Meaning, if you choose the Democratic ticket, the field of candidates may be limited on the ballot. (Example: County Commissioner Race) With a change of affiliation, one is able to have a voice in seating more moderate members of an otherwise conservative Commission.

I believe it to be a personal decision concerning change of political affiliation for voting the Primary Election. We know in WY it feels almost hopeless when voting Democrat, and, when faced with no Democratic candidates, we who choose to maintain our Democratic affiliation are completely left out of the Primary Election process.

Switching to a Republican affiliation for Primary Election purposes can allow for selection of more moderate representation in the Wyoming political arena. It takes minimal effort (a request to County Clerk) to change affiliation at time of registration. Should the voter choose to return to the Democratic ticket for the General election, that change can take place at time of voting.

How to Change Party Affiliation Before Elections:

(Copied directly from the Wyoming Secretary of State website): “To change your party affiliation or to declare a new affiliation, complete the Wyoming Voter Registration Application & Change Form and submit it to your county clerk’s office not later than 14 days before the primary election (that would be August 6, 2018). You may also change your party affiliation at your polling place on the day of the primary or general election, or when requesting an absentee ballot.”

It seems, we who hope to bring more moderate voices into politics in Wyoming, have to work with the existing system in a way that allows for the greatest impact.

Educate Yourself About the Candidates

Educate yourself, family and friends about the open offices and the candidates. We are trying to provide links to all the local/regional Wyoming candidate websites and Facebook pages. We also want to publicize all the candidate events happening in our region. If you know of one that isn’t yet on our calendar, please comment with info!

Most important is taking the time to VOTE on August 21 and November 6!


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