An inspiring membership meeting on Sunday 9/22


from left: Mary Throne, Wyoming Gubernatorial candidate, Gary Trauner, Wyoming candidate for U.S. Senate, and Harriet Bloom-Wilson, Chair of Wyoming Rising

Message from vice chair, Linda Waggoner

“Oh, what a wonderful meeting we had this afternoon! Having Mary Throne  & Gary Trauner address our group was a perfect addition to our jam-packed agenda!

I was thrilled to hear both guest speakers give information that will assist us in discussing them with our friends and neighbors. I was pleased and impressed to see our members running for School Board and Hospital Board! I am reminded that one of our Leadership Team Members challenged us to “step up!” and, it seems many of us have!

Thank you all for infusing the group with renewed energy and motivation. It was such a “shot in the arm” to be part of the meeting. I wish every member could have been there to absorb all that was exchanged.

I’m looking forward to the completion of elections to the Wyoming Rising leadership team and the beginning of a new year. We have much to do and much to offer. Again, I’m proud to play a role in this good group of people. It’s wonderful to add more names to the list of incredible people I’ve known in my life. “

Linda Waggoner

9/26/18. Correction: This post originally and incorrectly identified Ms Waggoner as “outgoing vice chair” when in fact she is on the ballot for re-election to the position of vice chair of Wyoming Rising


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