Introducing Our Team

At the end of May, Wyoming Rising members voted for a slate of new leaders to replace those whose terms were up. We want to thank Harriet Bloom-Wilson and Linda Waggoner, co-chairs, and Renee Tafoya, Media & Communications, for their 2-1/2 years of serving Wyoming Rising. These strong leaders are founding members — Wyoming Rising would not exist without their passion and persistance. Don’t worry though, they aren’t leaving us. Harriet, Linda, and Renee will stay on as member/advisors.

Our new Officers are:

Ronn Smith, Chair
Mary Keller, Co-chair
Deepthi Amarasuriya, Membership
Karel Pasek, Media & Communications
Karen Hertel, Media & Communications
Edie Phillips, Secretary
Mike Hinman, Treasurer
Jan Jackson, Programs (Due to the Cody Labs closure, Jan and her husband will soon leave Cody. This position is open to nominations – July 3, 2019)

We are thrilled to have such a strong group of volunteer leaders.

In addition to the officers of Wyoming Rising, we are fortunate to have a strong group of advisors and board members who guide our day-to-day operations, our vision and our actions:

Mary Ellen Ibarra-Robinson, member/advisor
Niki Tisthammer, member/advisor
Harriet Bloom-Wilson, member/advisor
Linda Waggoner, member/advisor
Renée Tafoya, member/advisor
Lynn Morrison, member/advisor

Cindy Childs, Board President
Shirley Stephens, Boardmember
Linda Payne, Boardmember
Peggy Rohrbach, Boardmember
Linda Smith, Boardmember
Ann Pasek, Boardmember

Wyoming Rising is an all volunteer organization. We have no paid staff.  This summer, we are taking a break from meetings and other activities, but we will add our bios to our website so you can know us better. We will continue to share information on our Facebook page and our e-Newsletter. If you aren’t getting our monthly (more or less) e-Newsletter, please subscribe here: 

In the fall, we plan to have a  ! PARTY !  to celebrate all the work we have done to preserve civility and compassion in Northwest Wyoming since the inauguration of the current administration in 2017. (See the recap of our activity in 2018 here). In the meantime, get grounded and recharge for the election season that starts in the fall. And PLEASE consider volunteering when we begin organizing again in September.

You can always reach us at: and


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