Community Conversation – civil debate and the righteous mind.

What does it mean to have civil debate? How do we get back to it, given the deteriorating state of public discourse?

Thank you to everyone who came to our October 24, 2019 Community Conversation about “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion” by Jonathan Haidt, 2012. The evening’s discussion sought to identify what forces contribute to the polarization between liberals and conservatives.

As a followup, I want to call your attention to a recent article by Daniel Krauthammer (channeling his father Charles). Despite the fact that Charles Krauthammer championed conservative views and Jonathan Haidt comes from a liberal tradition, their messages are mutually compatible and nearly indistinguishable:

“Charles Krauthammer championed civil debate. His example is needed now more than ever:”
By Daniel Krauthammer, Washington Post
Oct. 24, 2019

As I believe most of the participants last night agreed, pluralism exposes the truth at the intersection of multiple points of view.

Thanks to all who came or took the next step to read “The Righteous Mind”.


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