Cody and Powell School Board Elections

See the full listing of candidates filing for special districts including Northwest College Trustees, Hospital Boards, School Districts, Fire Districts, etc. on the Park County Elections website.

Powell School District #1: three seats up for election

Kim Dillivan (incumbent)

Kimberly Condie (incumbent): Powell Tribune (2017 opinion piece on education)

Tracy Morris (incumbent)

Laura Riley

Sharea Lindae Moan Renaud

Cody School District #6: four seats up for election

Ryan Brown: Cody Enterprise

Sheri Schutzman: Cody Enterprise

Tim Lasseter: Cody Enterprise

Tom Keegan (Incumbent)

Charles Yates

April Conaway

Stafanie Bell (Incumbent)

Jessica Case

Norm Sedig

The KODI radio show Speak Your Piece (9-10 a.m.) with Darian Dudrick is interviewing all of the Cody School District candidates. Listen on the radio, online, or find a past interview at the Speak Your Piece SoundCloud archive.

Sept 25 – Charles Yates
Oct. 6 – Jessica Case
Oct. 12 – April Conaway
Oct. 16 – Stefanie Bell
Oct. 20 – Sheri Schutzman
Oct. 23 – Tom Keegan
Oct. 27 – Norm Sedig
Oct. 29 – Tim Lasseter
Oct. 30 – Ryan Brown


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