2020 Wyoming State House and Senate Candidate Survey Results

Earlier this fall, Wyoming Rising invited all general election candidates running for state house and senate seats in Wyoming to complete a short survey of seven questions reflective of Wyoming Rising’s mission. Survey takers were asked to share their thoughts on fossil fuels, education funding, pay parity between men and women, Medicaid expansion, etc.

104 candidates were sent the invitation and fifteen responded. We appreciate the candidates who took the time to engage with Wyoming voters and share their views on important issues.

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Candidates Who Responded to the Survey

  • James Byrd, Democrat from Cheyenne running against Affie Ellis (Rep) in Senate District 8
  • Liisa Anselmi-Dalton, Democrat from Rock Springs running against John Kolb (Rep) in Senate District 12  
  • Edward Cooper, Republican from Ten Sleep running against Theresa Livingston (Dem) in Senate District 20  
  • Theresa Livingston, Democrat from Worland running against Edward Cooper (Rep) in Senate District 20  
  • Wendy Degroot, Libertarian from Casper running against Charles Scott (Rep) in Senate District 30
  • Landon Brown, Republican from Cheyenne running unopposed in House District 9
  • Justin Winney, Republican from Bondurant running against James Roscoe (Ind) in House District 22  
  • Levi Shinkle, Democrat from Thermopolis running against John Winter (Rep) in House District 28
  • Tim Chesnut, Democrat from Laramie running against Andrew Ocean (Rep) in House District 46
  • Cindy Johnson Bennett, Independent from Cody running against Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (Rep) in House District 50
  • Bill Fortner, Republican from Gillette running unopposed in House District 52
  • Kevin Wilson, Democrat from Lander running against Lloyd Larsen (Rep) in House District 54
  • Joseph Porambo, Libertarian from Casper running against Patrick Sweeney (Rep) in House District 58
  • Michael Gilmore, Democrat from Casper running against Kevin O’Hearn (Rep) in House District 59
  • Lindsey Travis, Democrat from Green River running against Mark Baker (Rep) in House District 60


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