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Civic Saturday Fellowship

Our nation is facing a crisis in civic life. People are more socially isolated, disconnected from a sense of common purpose, and cynical about their own ability to affect change. Opportunities to come together to reflect our responsibility as citizens and build civic practices feel few and far between.

Fortunately, people around the country—people just like you!—are taking matters into their own hands. By participating in a Civic Saturday Fellowship, you’ll join a network of over 100 Fellows who are reviving a sense of civic purpose in their hometowns.

About the Fellowship

If you feel called to spark a spirit of civic purpose in your community, the Civic Saturday Fellowship is for you. You’ll start the nine-month fellowship with a three and a half day training—our Civic Seminary—to explore the ideals, values, and tensions that make up American civic life.

From learning how to design a Civic Saturday to writing and delivering a civic sermon, you’ll gain the tools and frameworks to host your own gathering. Over the course of the nine month Fellowship, you’ll organize three Civic Saturday gatherings and nourish the civic fabric of your community.

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Apply: the next Fellowship starts in 2021—applications are now open! Please review the materials you’ll need and submit your application by December 13.

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