Legislative Committee Meetings This Week

The Wyoming Legislature is back in session with four days of virtual committee meetings this week and in-person sessions resuming on March 1.. 

Today the Joint Appropriations Committee met to “consider draft legislation regarding federal funds, state budgeting, state investment administration, IT and community college funding, agency fees, and Veterans’ tax exemption.” If you missed the live session, you can view the meeting on the Wyoming Legislature YouTube channel. 

For a complete listing of bills in committee this week view the calendar 

In our last newsletter we highlighted a selection of bills we are watching. Several of these bills are in committee this week. Contact committee members before the committee meeting (even if committee members aren’t your legislators) and share your thoughts. Even better, sign up to comment virtually during a meeting by clicking the Testify button in the Details column of the calendar.

  • Find the names of committee members by clicking on the Details button in the Details column of the calendar.
  • Find the email addresses of Senators and Representatives in the Roster
  • View our Guide to the 2021 Wyoming Legislative Session for more information



Click on the bill number for text of the bill. Click on the Committee link to go to the calendar.
The Equality State Policy Center (ESPC) is closely following HB 75, a voting fraud bill. The text below is from one of their great email updates:

Wyoming should not be making it harder for people to vote.

Lawmakers will take up House Bill 75 this Wednesday at 1:30—and they need to hear from you! Please comment on the Legislature’s website or sign up to testify. Use the information below to tell lawmakers you oppose this bill, and that Wyoming should be making voting more accessible—not more restrictive.

  • What is it? HB75 seeks to impose restrictions on voters in the name of “preventing fraud.”
  • What’s the problem? The provisions in the bill—requiring an ID to vote at the polls—will make it harder for many Wyomingites to cast a ballot. The bill also seeks to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. 
  • But isn’t election security important? Yes! And great news: Wyoming’s elections are already highly secure, thanks to our 23 hardworking county clerks around the state. In fact, just last month Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan (R) told the Legislature: “Wyoming’s election was nearly flawless,” noting that when it comes to election security, “Wyoming is the benchmark other states aspire to.” Voter access is just as important as security.

For more information from ESPC on HB 75 see their blog post.


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