Who are these people?

I guess it’s not our imagination. More people are moving here. Just read the following news:

We’ve had some recent challenges: a very uncomfortable confrontation with a couple in Wapiti and just recently the astonishing news about the “spies” who pretended to be liberals but were actually conservatives on a “political sabotage” mission being conducted right here in our neighborhood.

It leaves us scratching our heads for sure. Whatever our own personal political flavor – red, blue, left, right, moderate – it’s all a bit mystifying.

What we do know is that cooperation and understanding are essential for survival in our communities. Our mission in Wyoming Rising is not to hide in the corner, not to plot to overthrow anything or anyone. We want a better way, a better future for all.

So, welcome all newcomers. We are happy to have you here. In the words of Mary Keller, our chair, “To all with heritage here and those coming to contribute to the region, from the descendants of Indigenous people here for more than 10,000 years to the descendants of post civil-war settlers and soldiers, to the contemporary influx of Covid, climate, and crowding refugees, Wyoming Rising is here to promote equality and justice for all with civil discourse and social advocacy.”

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