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How do we tell our legislators that we favor Medicaid Expansion? According to Marcie Kindred of the Equality State Policy Center, we can tell stories about how our communities’ residents are struggling with health care costs. Eight communities so far have held vigils to honor those who lost their health battles and those still fighting them. At these vigils, people shared their stories about falling in the cracks between making too much money to qualify for Medicaid and not making enough money for Affordable Care insurance. There are approximately 25,000 people in the state who would benefit from Medicaid expansion. Wyoming is among a dozen states that have not chosen this option. Last Wyoming legislative session, it was close – state House members approved, but the Senate did not. Healthy Wyoming Coalition has been working for 10 years toward expansion. They are pushing now to move across the finish line. Let us help them do this.

Share your story by filling out this survey or you can email Marcie or call her for more information.
Marcie Kindred
Equality State Policy Center
(307) 631-5649

Be looking ahead to an event by Wyoming Rising to get people involved. We would certainly appreciate your help to talk to legislators and the public for this great need. What is the cost of a life?

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