Park County WY Natural Resource Management Plan.

On September 20, 2021, the Park County Commissioners adopted the final version of the Park County Natural Resource Management Plan. Over a year in development, the final plan has been published on the Park County government website (

A Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) is a form of land use planning that serves as the basis for communicating and coordinating with the federal and state government entities and their agencies on land and natural resource management issues that influence the local area and economy.

The purpose of the NRMP is to acknowledge the custom and culture of the local area, identify resources or land uses that are economically or culturally important to the stability and character of Park County, and recognize the importance of local involvement in federal and state decision-making.

In adopting this NRMP, the Park County Board of County Commissioners (“the Board”) intends to:

  • Maintain or expand upon the culture, customs, heritage, and economic diversity of resource-based industries within the local economy, while balancing the integrity of local
    natural resources, wildlife, and environmental quality;
  • Promote the understanding of the history, dynamics, and benefits of multiple use on federal and state lands within the County (i.e., agriculture, recreation, etc.) with the understanding that 1) the “multiple use” mandate on public lands does not imply that all uses can take place simultaneously on the same land, 2) the protection of wilderness qualities and roadless qualities are legally recognized uses within the spectrum of multiple use, and 3) certain other compatible uses take priority over incompatible uses; Natural Resource Management Plan for State and Federal Lands in Park County, Wyoming
  • Recognize and protect privacy rights and interests in federal and state land resources including, but not limited to, rights-of-way, grazing permits, water rights, special use permits, leases, contracts, and recreation permits and licenses;
  • Identify and justify areas of need facing Park County specific to the current conditions of natural resources within the County, understanding that ecological conditions will be changing in unpredictable ways, and review and update this occasionally to adapt to these changes;
  • Minimize conflicts between land uses; and
  • Promote a robust, diverse, and sustainable local economy.


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