Cody LDS Temple Public Meeting June 15th

The Cody Planning and Zoning board will be holding a meeting on June 15th to consider a Conditional Use permit.  The permit would allow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to build a temple in Cody.  If approved, the temple will be placed west of Skyline Drive and north of the Cody Canal. For more information regarding the permit and plans for the temple, see the following link.

Wyoming Rising understands the various opinions and stances on the location of the new temple.  We do not take a stance on the Conditional Use permit nor the temple’s location.  Instead, we encourage advocates on all sides to seek civility and understanding on the issue.   As an individual, it is important to explain one’s stance without attacking the motivations or beliefs of another. We highly encourage individuals to express their opinions and seek out the ideas of others.  When one is able to seek to understand, instead of seek to persuade, we are able to connect with the person and create real connection. Please see the following ideas on how to have constructive conversations with others, courtesy of Essential Partners.

“1. ASK open-ended, curious questions.

2. LISTEN to what is shared. Listen not just for the literal meaning of the words, but for the emotions and values people are trying to communicate.

3. Take a breath and REFLECT on what you heard and how that connects with your own experiences or beliefs.

4. SPEAK in ways that are more likely to be heard.

5. ASK follow-up questions that connect back to what has been shared so far to trigger a repetition of the constructive cycle!”   






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