August Newsletter Updates

Wyoming Rising would like to keep our subscribers up to date on the following issues for our state!

Wyoming Corporations Committee to meet on 8/24 and 8/25
The Wyoming Corporations committee will meet this week and take up bills that will affect our Wyoming democracy.

24LSO-0093 Political expenditures would call for the US congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution requiring the identification of political contributions and expenditures.

24LSO-0091 Voter qualifications-durational residency requirement would require voters to live in the state for 30 days before the voting in the next election.

24LSO-0099 Campaign reporting requires an organization that expends more than $1000 on campaigning to file with the state.

To testify on any of these bills, follow this link, go to Corporations “details,” and click on the button at the top that says “testify” as in the image below.

Governor Gordon has called on the American Library Association to open discussions on its direction.
Governor Gordon and the Wyoming State Librarian have sent a letter to the American Library Association, calling for dialogue on the groups direction. This comes as the Wyoming Freedom Caucus has called for a complete separation of the Wyoming State Library from the A.L.A. We ask you to contact Governor Gordon and let him know you support our State Library and the many professional development programs it accesses from the American Library Association.

Also, please continue to support the Wyoming Library Association and all it does for our state librarians and libraries at this link

Pushing against the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and Mom’s For Liberty
A new organization has formed in Wyoming. Their name is the Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom. They formed as “…a group of citizens from all political backgrounds, with families of all shapes and sizes, concerned about efforts to ban books and vilify educators, and librarians throughout Wyoming.” We encourage Wyoming Rising subscribers to look through the list of targeted books they published. These books are being targeted by groups such as the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and Mom’s for Liberty across the state and country.

It is time to continue to push back against those who do not value open education nor the 1st Amendment.

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