Cody Deep Canvassing Action

We are excited to tell you about our fall campaign: Deep Canvassing in our community !

On Sept 24 we will hold an educational session to build canvassing skills, Come learn what canvassing is and what it can teach us.

2-4 pm
Sunday September 24
Christ Episcopal Church
825 Simpson Avenue, Cody, WY

Deep canvassing is talking with people in your community, in person, to learn about what they hope for as a community member and as a voter.

Over the course of two weeks this September and October, we are going to knock doors and deeply listen to better understand why Cody residents do or don’t vote, and what our community wants from our elected representatives. Deep canvassing conversations can be candid, enlightening, and people truly love being asked what they think and what their aspirations are for their community.
We are excited to learn more about our community and invite you join the conversation and volunteer with us to canvass in your own neighborhood !

Learn more about deep canvassing here:

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