I never thought I’d say this but . . .

I am normally a shy person. The idea of walking up to a stranger’s house and knocking on their door is way out of my comfort zone. But this past week I did just that along with a friend and other volunteers from Wyoming Rising and the Wyoming Voter’s Network — we knocked on dozens of doors in Cody and had really good conversations with people.

We asked neighbors what they value about life in Cody, as well as what their concerns are. Surprisingly – to me anyway – every door we knocked was opened by a friendly person who was happy to be asked what they think. A couple of times, everyone in the house came to the door to join in the conversation. It was really uplifting.

I never thought I’d say this, but I enjoy canvassing.

We are continuing to “deep canvas” again this week, wrapping up our campaign on Oct 7 or 8. I hope you will consider walking with us.

If you are unable to walk with us from 5-7p.m. at least once this week, would you consider talking to your own neighbor? or call 2 people you know on the phone? If you want to do either of these options, please let us know and I’ll give you the script and other details. (You can sign up here.)

It’s satisfying to have honest and deep conversations with people. Join us!

– Renee Tafoya


Sabrina from Wyoming Voter’s Network as a few words to add:

We are halfway through our Deep Canvassing/Deep Listening campaign, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect. Over the past week, Wyoming Rising members have had nearly 50 conversations with Park County residents about what is impacting them and their families, what our neighbors hope for in candidates for public office, and whether – and why – people vote.

First, THANK YOU to those who have come out for these conversations. Getting over the fear of knocking on someone’s door to talk with them can be a huge step. Huge gratitude to those who have been out this past week.

And second, I wanted to invite you all to sign up and join your fellow Wyoming Rising members at least once in the next week. (You can sign up here.) It may seem strange, but people are often grateful we are doing this and have thanked us for asking them what they think. We’ve been invited into living rooms, laughed with people on front porches, and learned a great deal.

Yes, there have been some hard conversations. There are also many people out there who have fallen so deeply down the rabbit hole of Fox News they may not come back. But even those conversations are educational and important.

Please join us this next week. It will only take an hour and a half of your time, but truly this is such a unique opportunity to bring Wyoming Rising to the people of Park County and listen to what they have to say. We truly need you – we need a few more folks to sign up so we can get to our goal of 100 conversations.

If you aren’t able to join us walking and knocking doors, we’d like to open the option for folks to call their neighbors, friends, or other contacts in Park County and do a “deep canvassing” with them over the phone. If you’re willing to do at least three of these conversations over the next week (it will take about 20 minutes per conversation), sign up here and we’ll get you set up!

– Sabrina King

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