Wyoming authorizes ESA vouchers, undermining public schools.

The Wyoming legislature passed and Governor Gordon signed HB166 which establishes Education Savings Accounts (ESA) beginning next fall.

This new law authorizes the use of  your taxes to pay families to send their children to private schools, and be taught by “educational providers”, who are not required to be trained and licensed teachers. It’s a good chunk of money per child, which is an incentive to pull kids out of a public school and send them to a church school or home school.

The point is to destroy public education. Why? Because an uneducated citizen is easier to control?

No matter how you look at it, ESA vouchers undermine strong public education and student opportunity. They take scarce funding from public schools—which serve 90 percent of students—and give it to private schools—institutions that are not accountable to taxpayers.

For further reading, here is an article fro pm the NEA on the subject:

Vouchers Wreak Havoc on States


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