We Support Public Schools

Why do we support public education?  

  • It equalizes the playing field by giving every child a chance.  
  • It is the foundation of equal opportunity.  
  • It removes religious bigotry and segregation from the education system.  You don’t have to pray a certain way, or at all, to attend public school.  
  • It removes financial bigotry and segregation from the education system.

Sadly, Wyoming representative Rachel Rodriguez-Williams and Senators Tim French and Dan Laursen seem to be trying to dismantle the system that helps so many.

  • Rodriguez-Williams voted against HB119 – a bill that would have provided additional school counselors, school nurses and other mental health service assistance to address the mental health needs of K‑12 students.
  • Rodriguez-Williams, French, and Laursen co-sponsered HB128 – A bill that proposed to take money away from public schools and give it to parents so they can send their children to private schools.
  • Rodriguez-Williams, French, and Laursen voted for HB166 – a voucher bill that takes tax dollars from public schools and gives it to private and parochial institutions.
  • Rodriguez-Williams, French, and Laursen voted for SF54 and HB3 – bills that create exemptions to property taxes that fund our schools.
  • Rodriguez-Williams co-sponsored and French and Laursen voted for HB125 – a bill that would remove schools from gun free zones.
  • French voted for SF95 – a bill that proposed to remove tenure for all teachers in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Education Association gives low scores to  Rachel Rodriguez-Williams,  Dan Laursen and Tim French

Hold our elected leaders accountable. Tell them that you support PUBLIC schools.
Representative Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (House District 50 – Cody)
Senator Tim French (Senate District 18 – Cody)
Senator Dan Laursen (Senate District 19 – Powell)

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