Earth Day is Monday April 22.

What will Earth Day 2024 mean to you?

I’m thinking of it as an oasis where it’s up to me to feel connected in a meaningful way in the concentric circles in which we come to know ourselves in the world.

First step for getting connected on April 22: Get out! Get out and see what the landscape gives to you. It might be as small as the sight of a bulb that is stubbornly making its way upward to the light though the chill of northern winds keeps bringing to us snow. It might be as big as sunrise across snow capped mountains. Find an object of sheer delight on Earth Day by paying attention. Maybe you’re good with one step. But maybe you want to connect with other humans as well.

Second concentric circle: Think about what family means to you. Who taught you to play outside? Which people and animals and plants keep reminding you that your participation in the world matters? Maybe after thinking about this circle, you want to take another step.

Third concentric circle: Whose actions and behavior locally inspire you because their work contributes to ecological sustainability? Reach out and let them know. Those of us who love the words conservation, preservation, biodiversity, locavore, sustainability, circular economy, and climate adaptation are walking into the winds of US consumer culture. Cheer the weary travelers. Coming soon to Park County are the organizing activities of Park County Citizens for Sustainability, so keep an eye out for their public activities in Fall 2024. They are having quiet conversations to support sustainability planning at the City and County levels. Or take your next step in the realms of opening the climate conversation. has great advice for how to talk about climate concerns in our everyday lives, so we can feel more whole about how we are living our truths, and thereby open doors for building the political will for sustainability.

Fourth concentric circle: What national or international environmental group catches your eye? Might you send them $25 to feel connected? We have local offices for Nature Conservancy so you could thank them for having local employees and the power of international climate sciences and development specialists. How about GYC and their new efforts to bring Indigenous partners to the table of understanding the landscape? The Campaign Nonviolence is a project of Pace et Bene, an International group that is training for nonviolent Earth citizen actions and they understand the connection between militarism, violence, and ecological destruction. There’s Climate Reality, Al Gore’s group. I trained as a climate leader with them back in 2017 and can bring their message to individuals or gatherings, complete with the updated “inconvenient truth” slide show. They’re trying to raise $100,000 on Earth Day for more leadership trainings to benefit eco-justice efforts: Climate Reality Project

Then, if you left it, take a step back into the first concentric circle. See if there’s an evening gift in your habitat with which you can narrow your arrows of attention, and tap into that pulse of life-giving Earth. We are as strong as we are connected.

Mary Keller,
Former Wyoming Rising Chair

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  1. administrator | April 21, 2024 at 6:25 pm | Reply

    Thank you Mary, for reminding us that we are all interconnected.

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