Cycling for Climate: Bill Barron’s 1200-Mile Ride Across Montana and Wyoming

This June, climate advocate Bill Barron will embark on a 16-day, 1200-mile cycling journey from Pablo, MT, to Cheyenne, WY. Barron’s mission is clear: to raise awareness about climate change, engage with local communities, and discuss the economic benefits of transitioning to clean energy.

As the Mountain West Regional Director for Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), Barron is known for his dedication to fostering respectful, bipartisan dialogue on Capitol Hill. Fresh from CCL’s annual June lobby day in Washington, D.C., where over a thousand volunteers—including 15 from Montana and Wyoming—advocated for bipartisan climate solutions, Barron is ready to hit the road.

Cody / Powell Stop: On June 25, after a 113-mile ride from Red Lodge, Barron will arrive in Cody. CCL volunteers and Wyoming Rising invite the public to join them at the Park County Weed and Pest (1067 Road 13) west of Powell at 7:00 p.m. for a brief address from Barron. The next day, he will ride off to Cheyenne.

Quote from Bill Barron: “I’ve been deeply concerned about the increasing droughts, wildfires, and extreme weather events driven by climate change and how these will impact my daughter’s future. The world is now heating up 50 times faster than at any other period in history. This ride is about listening to the experiences of our neighbors and spreading the message that we have actionable solutions to protect our planet for future generations.”

In addition to raising awareness, Barron’s journey aims to generate funds to support the educational and advocacy efforts of CCL volunteers across the Rocky Mountain region.

This isn’t Barron’s first climate-focused ride. He previously ran for federal office three times, covering 2500 miles by bike as a single-issue climate candidate in Utah. In 2022, he undertook a similar “Listening Tour” across Utah, engaging with residents about the impacts of climate change. This journey inspired the documentary “Dream Big for What you Want to Happen.”

Call to Action:

For those interested in attending events along Bill’s route, visit or follow his journey on Instagram @cclmontana.

About Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL):

CCL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to creating the political will for a livable climate. Through consistent, respectful, and nonpartisan climate education, CCL aims to build a sustainable foundation for meaningful climate action across all political spectrums. For more information, visit

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