January 28 Follow-up Meeting

On January 28, over 40 members of our community met at the Cody Library to discuss our concerns and hopes for moving forward.

We had a very productive discussion and have decided that we will organize a formal group. It was a very positive session – a listening session. We are all on the same page and there were many many good ideas brought forward. Notes taken by Cynthia Garhart follow:



  1. identify pressing issues
  2.  form a more permanent group?

Introductions-group participants all expressed their most important reasons for being part of the group and marching on January 21. All 40 participants spoke about individual pressing issues and were greeted with group support and affirmations of many good ideas as the group begins to move forward in accomplishing common goals.

What can be done?

  • Indivisible booklet suggestions
  • Act locally
  • Hold representatives responsible
  • Request a meeting with the staff of Senator Enzi’s Cody office
  • Values to keep in mind: inclusion, respect, fairness.
  • Group charged with thinking about name of permanent group.
  • Organizers will create a website for easy access to events, meeting times.

Question: Do we want to be a chapter of a larger group? The Casper group, Indivisible, other groups?
Participants placed colored dots on sheets displaying pressing issues (not all the issues) after a discussion about what to focus on. These issues represent the groups most urgent concerns.

IMPORTANT WORK FOR THIS WEEK – Senate confirmations are happening – MAKE PHONE CALLS TO CONGRESS. Sample script in Indivisible booklet.

NEXT MEETING – SATURDAY, FEB. 4 @ Cody Library Grizzly Room @ 10:00 am


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