Feb 4, 2017. Meeting to Organize

Park County Library – Cody. February 4 at 10 a.m. in the Grizzly Room.

The community has agreed that we should organize a formal group to give a name to our numbers. Details of the organizational structure will be worked out at a second meeting, scheduled for Saturday, 10 a.m. Cody Public Library.  If you are interested in volunteering or helping set up the structure of this new group please put it on your schedule.


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  1. I am happy that we are keeping the momentum going. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the Feb 4th meeting as I will probably be on my way to visit family in Oregon. My friend Rev. Harriet Linville knows Rev. Warren Murphey. She claims the Episcopal church is so connected to people everywhere that “there is no witness protection program” in the Episcopal Church. She was really impressed that we had 400 participants in our rural Wyoming town(s). Until our March I was feeling so isolated and powerless in my little Wyoming town. Thanks for printing the links to our elected representatives. I have been following events and signing petitions, contacting our Wyoming senators. Have received one “generic” reply from Sen Enzi. Together we will make our voices heard and strive for justice for all!
    Carolyn Hughes Aichele

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