CALL FOR ACTION: Guns in Schools Policy

Many of us have raised questions with Park County School District #6 School Board about the possible conflict of interest Trustee Scott Weber may have while they are considering the implementation of HB 194,“Armed Security” in our schools.  As you may know, Weber owns a gun store in the district and is an outspoken advocate of “2nd Amendment Rights.” He helped draft the The Guns In Schools Draft Policy that school boards should use following the Wyoming Legislature passage of a bill (W.S. 21-3-132) allowing possession of firearms by school district employees on school property.

We need you to email our board members THIS WEEK so they understand it’s not just a few of us with this concern.

This link is the WY School Board Association’s Code of Conduct for Wyoming School Board Members. Please note the first two items under Representation:

1. I shall represent all school district constituents honestly and equally and refuse to surrender my responsibilities to special interest groups or partisan political groups.
2. I shall avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety which could result from my position, and shall not use my board membership for personal gain or publicity.

The state of Wyoming’s policy on conflict of interest is intended to:

“prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties, promote integrity in public service and foster public trust and confidence. An appearance of conflict refers to acting in a manner that a reasonable person could think you can be influenced or show favor toward someone and whether the relationships one has prevent one from acting fairly and objectively. If one cannot be objective due to relationships or affiliations, a conflict of interest occurs.

When one’s private life intersects with one’s public duties or there is a connection between official actions and personal life a conflict may be present.”

Trustee Weber has written: “I have carried firearm(s) every day for over 40 years in every situation. I find that it makes you incredibly CALM and ASSURED.” He obviously cares deeply about armed carry both personally and as a gun dealer. If guns become more prevalent and acceptable in public places in our community, this will positively affect Mr. Weber’s business. We are uncomfortable with this.

We repeat, we need you to email our board members THIS WEEK so they understand it’s not just a few of us who are concerned that Trustee Weber cannot be objective. He is pushing the Board to adopt a policy that benefits his private interests and threatens the safety of our schools.

Board members emails are:

The School District Board is having a work session November 7 to discuss this policy. Teacher surveys, advice from law enforcement and the district’s lawyer, with discussion of who can carry are some of the topics to be covered. Please try to attend.

Wyoming Rising–Northwest’s Education Committee is calling all 47 WY school districts this week to find out if any other districts are working on a policy. We will share data with you all and the board this week. Our thanks to all who speak out and encourage others to do so.

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