Voice your opposition to Guns in Schools at Tuesday’s School Board Meeting

Cody School Board meets Tuesday, December 19, 2017. Plan to attend this important meeting, there will be discussion on Policy CKA – Firearms: Personnel Authorized to Carry. The meeting begins at 6:00, Policy CKA will probably take place after 7:00, late attendance is acceptable.

WEAR RED in solidarity of those who DO NOT like policy CKA but do not sit together in a group – spread throughout the audience. This makes it seem less like an organized knot of people and more like what it really is: widespread citizen opposition.

Please plan to speak at this meeting. You can prepare ahead or just simply state this is a rotten idea and the board should vote no.

Read up on alternatives to arming our teachers and custodians because some fear that Cody Schools will be a target of a school shooting: https://www.sandyhookpromise.org/get_educated

There are petitions circulating that you can sign if you cannot attend. Please contact us if you want to sign, or send an email to the School Board with your message of opposition to this dangerous proposal.





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