Mark your Calendar for the 2018 March

In 2017 on January 21st, millions of people around the world took part in the largest global human rights demonstration ever – the Women’s March.

Since then, groups across the nation have formed to support critical issues including education, environment, healthcare, the rights of undocumented migrants, and encourage citizens to make their voices heard. Here in Wyoming, we formed Wyoming Rising–Northwest to empower citizens to become active. But there is so much more to be done.

We want to begin 2018 by gathering to mark the first anniversary of the Women’s March, to let the world know we are still here and still paying attention!

So mark the date: Sunday January 21st at noon in Cody’s City Park.

Why We March

From Rabbi Toba Schaller
Written January, 2017

To those who are confused or surprised about why millions of people showed up to protest Saturday…

“Women are marching because our children deserve a secretary of education that cares about education.

“Women are marching because our family and friends deserve healthcare. Did you know that before the ACA, newborns in the NICU would hit their lifetime caps on health insurance coverage. That’s right, Babies who had never felt the sun on their skin could no longer get health insurance.

“Women are marching because domestic violence crisis centers and after school programs deserve funding.

“Women are marching because we deserve clean air, clean water, and national parks.

“Women are marching because we believe the children protected by the DREAM act deserve to be here and they deserve to live with their parents, not in orphanages and foster homes.

“And most of all, women are marching because we have the right to. The right to protest and speak out against our government is the first amendment. That’s right, #1! It is one of our most fundamental American rights.

“Saying that we’re whining, throwing temper tantrums, or that we’re immature, or that we need to get over it will not stop us. It will not stop us from fighting for you. And we are fighting for you because you deserve these rights too.

“We’re not marching because Trump won.

“We’re marching because he wants to take all of the things that we hold dear away. All of the things that we’ve been fighting for for generations.

“And we’re not giving up easily.

“Anyone who thinks we’re marching because we lost just simply isn’t listening. We’re fighting because we refuse to lose more.”

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  1. Make America Great Again!

    • administrator | December 30, 2017 at 5:33 pm |

      We agree. And we intend to return our country toward its path to greatness where all Americans have equal rights, equal opportunity, protection from corporate abuse, and representation in government. Join us.

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