Park County School District #6: First Reading of Draft Policy Allowing Employees to Carry Guns in Schools

Plan to attend the Park County School District 6 Board Meeting, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 6 P.M.

We have over 370 signatures on our petition in opposition to this policy but we need you to show up and speak out. Public input will be accepted before the Board votes.

Please attend the Board Meeting this week for First Reading of Policy CKA. If you’ve never been to a board meeting, this is the one to attend. Policy CKA will authorize employees to conceal carry firearms on property or in facilities owned or leased by Park County School District No. 6. Wyoming Rising-Northwest members are firmly opposed to this policy. The Agenda includes the first reading of the draft policy and its regulations.

First Reading of Policy CKA – Firearms: Personnel Authorized to Carry

5.4    First Reading of Regulation CKA-R1 – Application to Carry Firearm on School Property

5.5    First Reading of Regulation CKA-R2 – Permitted Firearms/Holsters For Concealed Carry

5.6    First Reading of Regulation CKA-R3 – Permitted Ammunition for School Concealed Carry

5.7    First Reading of Regulation CKA-R4 – Training Regulation for Concealed Carry

5.8    First Reading of Regulation CKA-R5 – Mandatory Random Drug, Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Regulation for Concealed Carry

We know it will be cold but we truly need you all there—even if you’re from Powell.  With this Board, bodies count.  We will be there for you in Powell.

The agenda can be accessed at the following

Policy is at this site:


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