Report on 2018 WY Environmental Legislation

Just in from the Wyoming Outdoor Council:

Thanks to your action we have a lot of successes to report from the first week of the 2018 Wyoming legislative session!

———————————  THE GOOD NEWS  ——————————

  • SF 67, Wyoming public lands day, was successfully introduced with a strong vote of support (28–2). Sponsor Sen. Leland Christensen did an excellent job of explaining the bill and its value for Wyoming as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our unique public lands.
  • A bill that has worried us since last fall—HB 25, Limited and small mines amendments—was soundly defeated. This bill would have eroded our environmental reclamation and air quality standards, and limited public notice and comment opportunities for small mines. Wyoming citizens spoke up and legislators listened! (Click here to find out how your representative voted.)
  • A stealth federal land transfer bill—HB 94, State lands-net gain in acreage—was also defeated thanks to the quick mobilization of our members and the Keep it Public, Wyoming coalition. This bill had confusing language, but sponsors confirmed its purpose was to support federal lands transfer to the state.
  • HB 39, Wildlife conservation license plates, is moving forward with strong support, thanks to a broad coalition of conservation advocates staying engaged and reminding lawmakers that we value Wyoming wildlife.

Nearly all of the other bills we support are moving forward. You can find a complete list of the legislation we are tracking, current status, and our positions on our website’s Track Legislation page.

————————  THE WEEK AHEAD: WEEK 2  ———————

Next steps for SF 67, Wyoming public lands day: This bill has been assigned to the Rules Committee, which Senate President Eli Bebout chairs, and is scheduled to meet at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday).

What you can do: To support this bill at the committee level, please email the committee members, listed below, tonight. Make your email short and sweet, and encourage the passage of this popular bill!

The budget and other bills: This week lawmakers focus on the budget, and we’ll be on alert for efforts to defund important programs such as the Wildlife & Natural Resources Trust Fund, the Environmental Quality Council, and the Department of Environmental Quality. We’ll also work to defeat a bill that injects political micromanagement into the Game and Fish Department—HB 20, Game and Fish agreements with federal agencies.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the bills mentioned above or other legislation.

Thank you for your interest and civic engagement with our elected officials! You DO make a difference!

Best regards,

Director of External Relations
Wyoming Outdoor Council

262 Lincoln Street
Lander, WY 82520
(307) 332-7031

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