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Governor Mead Vetoed the Crimes Against Critical Infrastructure bill last night! 

Late last night, Governor Mead vetoed the crimes against critical infrastructure bill. This is an amazing victory, but now we urgently need one last action from each of you.

Senate File 74 would make it a felony to block access to “critical infrastructure,” including during a protest. read more here

The House and Senate will meet today, Thursday, at lunchtime, and they will hold a vote to see if they can override Governor Mead’s veto. Both chambers must get a two-thirds vote to override the veto, and that vote will be very, very close, especially in the House.

Please email your legislators THIS MORNING, and ask them to vote NO on the attempt to override the Governor’s veto of SF 74. Find their email addresses in the list to the right of this article on our website.

Please email legislators from  your area of the state, and also email any legislators you know personally, regardless of where they live. This is an issue that affects all Wyoming residents alike, and it’s okay to email outside your district.

You can also check the list of representatives who voted against SF 74 during the session (see the list at the end of this email), and email any of them you might have any connection with. Thank them for voting no earlier, and ask them to vote no again on the attempt to override.

Every single NO vote we can get will help prevent an override!

Or you can make two quick phone calls. The House will convene at noon, and the Senate at 1:00 pm. The phone lines likely will open shortly before each chamber convenes.

CALL #1: The House
Call the House receptionist at 307-777-7852
Tell them your name, where you’re from, and the name of your Representative
Ask them to tell your Rep. to VOTE NO on overriding Gov. Mead’s veto of Senate File 74, “Crimes against critical infrastructure”

CALL #2: The Senate
Call the Senate receptionist at 307-777-7711
Tell them your name, where you’re from, and the name of your Senator
Ask them to tell your Senator to VOTE NO on overriding Gov. Mead’s veto of Senate File 74, “Crimes against critical infrastructure”

Finally, if you have time, please thank Governor Mead for his veto.
or write to:
Governor Mead
Idelman Mansion
2323 Carey Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

NO votes in the House: Representatives Jim Allen, Eric Barlow, Stan Blake, Debbie Bovee, Jim Byrd, Aaron Clausen, Scott Clem, Cathy Connolly, Scott Court, Tom Crank, JoAnn Dayton, John Freeman, Dan Furphy, Mike Gierau, Bill Haley, Tim Hallinan, Hans Hunt, Tyler Lindholm, Mike Madden, Bob Nicholas, Charles Pelkey, Andy Schwartz, Albert Sommers

NO votes in the Senate: Senators Lisa Anselmi-Dalton, Brian Boner, Bruce Burns, Cale Case, Affie Ellis, John Hastert, Curt Meier, Chris Rothfuss, Jeff Wasserburger

I cannot thank you enough for your help. Together, we can do this. Let’s get those emails and phone calls pouring in, and overwhelm them with our opposition.

posted by Connie Wilbert
Chapter Director
Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter

Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter is a non-profit, member-supported, public-interest organization that promotes conservation of Wyoming’s wild lands by influencing public policy decisions – legislative, administrative, and electoral.

Please check out their website

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  1. I’ve tried calling but the receptionists don’t answer. Can you make two quick emails before lunchtime to tell your local legislators to VOTE NO ON OVERRIDING MEAD’S VETO OF SF-74?
    The House will convene at noon on Thursday, at the Senate at 1 p.m.

    This ALEC-written bill would punish pipeline protestors like those at Standing Rock with 10-year prison sentences and absurd fines. It would have also fined organizations like churches, environmental groups, and Native tribes up to $100,000 for “aiding or encouraging” such protests.

    Mead’s veto effectively kills the bill—unless the Legislature votes to override his veto and brings it back to life, which is a real possibility.

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