Citizens Uprising: An Evening with Al Simpson

Are Corporations People?

Do you think your elected representatives listen to you? Or do they listen more to the lobbyists and big money donors who fund their campaigns? Join former U.S. Senator Al Simpson, Jeff Clements (President of American Promise) and Ken Chestek (chair of Wyoming Promise), for a discussion panel about our goal to get dark money out of our elections.

Free admission, soup and bread.

Sponsored by Wyoming Promise

Wyoming Promise’s mission is to advocate for an amendment to the United States Constitution to overturn the 2010 United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, and thereby create space for national and state-level campaign finance reform. Through this reform, we are fighting to restore the voices of ordinary citizens. By doing so we wish to insure that our representatives at both the national and state governments work only for the citizens of Wyoming, and not for their wealthy donors.

Wyoming Promise’s objective is to place a citizen’s initiative on the 2020 ballot that would call for an amendment to the United States Constitution to declare that corporations are not people and money is not speech. To do this, we need to gather 39,000 valid signatures of registered Wyoming voters by October of 2018.

Wyoming Promise / P.O. Box 511 / Laramie, WY / 82073

Thursday April 19 at 6 PM – 8 PM
Christ Church Cody
PO Box 1718/825 Simpson Ave, Cody, Wyoming 82414

3 Comments on Citizens Uprising: An Evening with Al Simpson

  1. Sen. Simpson is a great one to address this topic. He is a member of the TCH Group, which was formed by his former chief of staff Tongour. According to Open Secrets, TCH Group received $1.4 million in support from clients such as Amgen, ATT&T, Cloud Peak Energy, United Health Group, Scana Corp. and others.

    Simpson and Tongour also formed the Tongour Simpson Group which was a precursor to TCH.

    • administrator | April 23, 2018 at 12:20 pm |

      I suppose it’s impossible to find any politician that hasn’t accepted contributions. Don’t you think the situation has gotten worse though?

      If you want to address the sponsors of the Wyoming Promise event, you can visit their website at — Wyoming Rising was not the sponsor of this event, but we helped to advertise it.

  2. Linda Waggoner | April 16, 2018 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    This is such an vital issue to be addressed in our political climate. I remain shocked to realize that money has taken over our elections!

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