Time to Inform our Representatives Again.

Border Wall Funding: Voice Your Concern.

Our Washington delegation needs to hear from you. Please make the call and tell them to reopen the government. This president should not hold the country hostage for the funding of a border wall-fence-barrier. There is no national security crisis at the border

Read the facts here and make those calls!

Rep. Liz Cheney:
DC: (202) 225-2311
WY: (307) 772-2595

Senator Mike Enzi:
DC: (888) 250-1879
WY: (307) 261-6572

Senator John Barrasso:
DC: (202) 224-6441
WY: (307) 856-6642

US Capitol switchboard
(202) 224-3121

Wyoming Legislative Watch: Some Major Concerns

The 2019 legislative session began this week at the state capitol building in Cheyenne. For the next two months, what happens in Cheyenne could have a big impact on area residents. A few issues are surfacing that your representatives need to hear from you about:

  • At the behest of the Foster Friess family, a powerful state senator will carry a bill to override local control of a private school development.
  • Lawmakers intend to enact legislation restricting voters from changing parties for primary elections, which would make it impossible for Democrats and Independents to have a say in county elections.
  • Lawmakers have again introduced the controversial measure to protect business interests, which opponents said would criminalize protest against the fossil fuel industry.

Read more at https://www.wyofile.com/category/wyo-legislature/ and  contact your local representative – they are asking for your opinions.

hank.coe@wyoleg.gov, rj.kost@wyoleg.gov, david.northrup@wyoleg.gov, sandy.newsome@wyoleg.gov, dan.laursen@wyoleg.gov or john.winter@wyoleg.gov



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