A Message From Harriet.

Wyoming Rising members and followers give our deep thanks to one of our founders and leaders, Harriet Bloom-Wilson, as she formally passes the reigns to our new Leadership Team. Harriet is stepping down from an active leadership role on our team but her direction and spirit remains a touchstone. Thank you Harriet for your deep belief in community, justice, real patriotism, and global awareness.

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Letter from Harriet To Members and Followers of Wyoming Rising:

“I’m pleased for this opportunity to share some thoughts with you as I leave the Leadership Team of our organization. It’s been a privilege and honor to have served as President of WR for almost 3 years and an advisor to the Team this past year.

Looking back, I remember the sense of purpose and urgency that led a small group of women from Powell and Cody to align with the national Women’s Marches on January 16, 2017. Most of you will recall the shock and surprise we experienced when, from all directions, individuals and families came in large numbers on a cold day in Cody City Park to show their concern for the direction we feared our country was headed in. When all was said and done, speeches given, several marches around the park, signs proudly displayed, a final tally showed there were over 500 of us! It’s not an exaggeration to say that we looked around to see neighbors, friends, family members, and strangers whom we never expected to turn out for a public demonstration such as this in conservative Park County. The solidarity and kinship we felt gave us hope; we weren’t alone. We had a voice.

The March turned into a Movement which gave birth to our organization. Our numbers at public events may have dwindled over these past three years but those who follow us via the on-line newsletter and the public and private Facebook pages are into the hundreds. It’s not easy coming out into the open when you’re a business owner or have prominent positions in the community but we know you’re out there and many of you show your support by becoming members of Wyoming Rising.

While we’ve sometimes struggled since our inception with what our mission was to be and what role we would play in the community, I see us now as having found a purpose beyond any elections. Thanks to our partnership with Heart Mountain Interpretive Center and other forms of increased visibility; e.g. “Speak Your Piece” on the radio, Letters to the Editor, and workshops and forums that reach out to a more diverse audience, we are no longer seen primarily as left wing radicals who march, petition, and demonstrate. Not that we are giving up any of those actions but in order to survive into the future and serve as a unifiers and community builders, we must think of ways to be more inclusive and address those who stand on the side fearful of being associated with Wyoming Rising.

Thanks to the leadership of those who stepped into the officer positions last year and who have agreed to stay on, Wyoming Rising is healthier than ever. With fresh ideas and clear communication, we can and must make a difference. Our futures and those of our children are at stake. We have work to do, together.”

Wishing good health to you, your loved ones, and to our country,
Harriet Bloom-Wilson

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