Protecting Sacred Land.

The Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to six grassroots activists every year. This year they honor a dozen past Goldman Prize winners from indigenous communities who have devoted their lives to protecting sacred natural sites and territories. View the portraits of these remarkable leaders:
José Lucero with Thomas Banyacya
at Mesa Verde in 1990
One of our most valued advisors, José Lucero, an elder from Santa Clara Pueblo, called us on the phone as the coronavirus began to sweep the world. José offered a hopeful vision and also a concrete action people can take together to fight the virus and support all life. We turned his phone message into a two-minute film. 
José dubbed it a “recall to basic consciousness,” echoing the classic 1978 Akwesasne Notes book “Basic Call to Consciousness.” We hope José’s brief message will bring some love and inspiration into your life and give you something positive to focus on during these difficult times. Click here to view.

Goldman Prize Winners Protect Sacred Land

Click here to learn more about slain Goldman Prize winner Berta Cåseres

Photo credit: Goldman Environmental Prize
Last week’s Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony was postponed due to Covid-19, so we wanted to celebrate past prize winners from indigenous communities who have protected sacred places threatened by mining, logging and dams.
Check out this blog by Fiona McLeod, with links to video portraits of a dozen incredible earth protectors, several of whom have given their lives in defense of Mother Earth, including Berta Cåseres of Honduras.

Stay safe. 

Partial funding for Standing on Sacred Ground has been provided by
Pacific Islanders in Communication and Vision Maker Media. 
These films are supported by a grant from the
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Fund. Sacred Land Film Project is a project of Earth Island Institute. 

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