Care about Wyoming healthcare?

Online community event.

Thursday, June 18, 2020 5:00 PM –  6:00 PM MT

Health Insurance: Closing the Coverage Gap and Halting the Collapse of Rural Hospitals

What is the foundation for thriving communities in Wyoming? Exploring the relationship between access to healthcare, healthy schools, and a healthy economy.


Our friends at the Equality State Policy Center are hosting an online webinar this Thursday to talk about the dire condition of healthcare and rural hospitals in Wyoming.

Register for FREE today to attend the event, which takes place online.

“Health Insurance: Closing the Coverage Gap and Halting the Collapse of Rural Hospitals” will feature an excellent panel of speakers to discuss how Medicaid expansion has benefitted other states, and what it could mean for Wyoming:

  • Sheila Bush (Wyoming Medical Society)
  • Dr. Tracey Haas (WWAMI – UW’s interstate medical school partnership)
  • Josh Hannes (Wyoming Hospital Association)
  • Tate Mullen (Wyoming Education Association)

Tens of thousands of people in Wyoming lack health insurance, and our rural hospitals face severe financial distress. Closing the health insurance coverage gap by expanding Medicaid would bring relief to our healthcare system and critical access to care for our neighbors.

I hope you can tune in! Register today!

— sent to us by Nate Martin
Executive Director, Better Wyoming


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