Action Alert: Pass the Moving Forward Act

H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, is a more than $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild American infrastructure—roads, bridges, transit systems, schools, housing, broadband access, and more. The Moving Forward Act is visionary legislation aiming to “simultaneously revitalize and decarbonize U.S. infrastructure across all sectors of the economy, consistent with goals to achieve a net-zero emission economy by 2050.” On July 1, the House of Representatives passed the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2), by a 233-188 vote. The legislation is now in the Senate.

The legislation includes $25 billion to modernize postal infrastructure and operations. A strong and vibrant postal service is essential to the success of absentee voting, an issue Wyoming Rising cares deeply about. The CARES Act, signed into law in March, included funding for the postal service. President Trump blocked those funds and the USPS was instead offered a $10 billion dollar loan with stipulations; the terms are still being negotiated. The $25 billion in the Moving Forward Act is not a loan and is a more feasible amount to begin to address the critical funding needs of the Postal Service.


  • Become informed:
                The Moving Forward Act: Fact Sheet (U.S. House Transportation Committee)
                The Postal Service Is Steadily Getting Worse — Can It Handle a National Mail-In Election? (ProPublica)
                 Expanding Voting Options in the U.S.: White Paper (Ronn Smith, Chair of Wyoming Rising)
  • Sign the Petition “Tell Your Senators: Pass the Moving Forward Act”
  • Contact Senator Barrasso and Senator Enzi

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