The People’s Review: LIVE DISCUSSION! The Power of Voting.

Attend a Virtual Panel Discussion organized by Equality State Policy Center:

The People’s Review: LIVE! The Power of Voting featuring Ricardo Ramírez of the Brennan Center for Justice, Audrey Kline of the National Vote at Home Institute and Susan Simpson of the Wyoming League of Women Voters!

Join them Thursday, October 15, from 5-6 p.m. 
for this month’s People’s Review: LIVE! 
The Power of Voting

Election Day is less than a month away! At a time of unprecedented challenges, what’s being done to ensure that all voices are heard and all votes are counted? Come listen as ESPC’s voting rights experts cut through the noise. They’ll talk about why your vote matters, how to vote safely and securely, and what you can do to get out the vote!

Meet the panelists: Ricardo Ramírez, Audrey Kline and Susan Simpson!

Ricardo Ramírez is a voting rights advisor in the Voting Rights and Elections Program of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and the founder and principal of Forward Shift Strategies, a communications consulting firm. With 13 years of communications work, Ricardo brings high-level experience for electoral campaigns, democracy, and social justice efforts. Originally from Puerto Rico, Ricardo got his start through years of work in political press offices, including the U.S. Senate, and has served as a regional press secretary as well as Latino communications director. 

Audrey Kline is the national policy director for the National Vote at Home Institute. She holds a BA in Political Science from Metropolitan State College of Denver and spent nearly three years working in the Colorado State Senate. She was hired as Political Director for Colorado’s AFL-CIO Denver central labor council, eventually moving on to larger local and federal campaigns and private consulting. In 2017, she switched her focus from partisan campaigns to nonprofit and nonpartisan leadership development. Audrey is passionate about civic engagement and good governance and is excited to share her home state’s groundbreaking voting model with the rest of the nation.

Susan Simpson is president of the Wyoming League of Women Voters. Simpson was the Albany County librarian for 23 years, and in that capacity she worked with the Laramie League on voter forums at the public library. She also has been an election judge for more than 20 years. As a Laramie League member and state president, Simpson has been a tireless advocate for making registration and voting accessible to qualified Wyoming residents. Simpson has also worked as an English teacher and reference librarian.  

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