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Go to the polls with down-ballot know-how!

Okay, so you know it’s important to vote in your local elections. But how do you know who to vote for?

Many traditional sources of information about local candidates, like newspapers (remember those?), don’t do the job they used to.

Fortunately, there are some new tools, including this one: BallotReady. It gathers information about local candidates’ social media and websites and points you in the right direction according to where you live. 

[NOTE: Better Wyoming and Wyoming Rising are not at all affiliated with BallotReady; we just think it’s helpful]


Here are some tips for using the site,

  1. On the first page, begin entering your FULL address and wait for the drop down menu to provide you some options. When your address comes up, click it and then select “Get started.”
  2. On the next page, the Election Center, click “Research ballot” 
  3. The “ballot” page has drop-down menus that allow you to see your state candidates (i.e. the Legislature) as well as local candidates in county, city, and other races. 
  4. When you select a race, the site will show you candidate profiles of who’s running. Click on each candidate profile for links to their websites and social media (the icons beneath their pictures)

Note: Not every candidate will have a full profile with links to campaign pages. However, every candidate that will appear on your ballot will be listed, so you can at least know who to expect.

There are some other neat bells and whistles you can play around with, but this should get you started.

REMEMBER: The people writing policy at the local level has dramatic impacts upon your community and your daily life. Research your candidates and VOTE LOCAL!


Kelly Schroeder
Better Wyoming


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