Unity over Division.

One of two billboards in Park County Wyoming paid for by concerned local voters.

Members of a local Facebook group were inspired by this news story in the Detroit Free Press :
Facing the same problem with their Biden campaign yard signs disappearing from lawns in Cody and Powell, the group decided to pool their money to put up a Biden billboard with a graphic of a yard sign on the White House lawn. A PayPal fundraising pool was created and in just three days over $2,300 was raised – enough for two billboards and 40 yard signs. The billboards were installed on Highway 14A in Cody and Powell on October 13 and will be up for one month. Yard signs were ordered and distributed to the group.
The entire project was a grassroots effort by local citizens, however Lamar (the billboard company) requires a “paid for by” tagline and a website or address on all political advertising. The group asked Wyoming Rising to sponsor the project and manage the funds on behalf of the group.
Wyoming Rising avoids endorsing political candidates, but this election is important to our members. We were inspired by this grassroots citizen action and are happy we were able to facilitate.

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