Cody: The Family Friendly Town?

The Wyoming Office of Tourism and Park County Travel Council promote Cody as a prime travel destination in Wyoming. They tout Cody as a family friendly town welcoming to all visitors. Tourism is the second biggest industry in Wyoming. Many Cody businesses and jobs depend on maintaining this welcoming atmosphere.

This vision of Cody and the resulting tourist economy is sorely jeopardized by the vendor selling, among others, F**k Biden flags on Sheridan avenue across from Walgreens. This foul language on a big flag on the Main Street of Cody is shocking and disgusting, especially for families and children. Does this convey ” family friendly” and ” welcome to all” to the visiting tourist? I think it severely tarnished that desired image.

I would encourage Wyoming Rising members to contact the Cody city administrator, Barry Cook at 527-7511 to voice your opinion about this flag display. I did that and he was surprised and dismayed. He said business licenses are not required for temporary vendors in Cody. However, I think he could visit with the private property owner where the vendor is located.

Secondly, please write a letter to the editor of the Cody Enterprise about this flag display and its influence on tourism and Cody’s economy. There is a submittal form on the Cody Enterprise website.
As citizens of Cody or surrounding areas, we should express our views on this inappropriate display on the main street.

Phyllis Roseberry

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